Hand/Foot & Ankle Programme

The Division of Hand & foot welcomes overseas doctors and researchers to visit our division as observers. In general these are popular and the waiting list can be quite long. Early application is therefore well advised.

Several categories of fellows are available.

Hand Fellow or Foot and Ankle Fellow

  • Duties:
    1. Provide clinical duties including patient clinics, ward rounds, clinical case conferences and participating in surgical operations.
    2. Other duties assigned by the Division Chief or his designate.
    3. Participation in a clinical or basic science research project and writing of manuscripts.
  • Qualifications required:
    1. A medical degree recognized by the Medical Council of Hong Kong
    2. Evidence of completion of his/her specialist orthopaedic training, or its equivalent.
    3. Offer is contingent upon granting of limited registration be the Hong Kong Medical Council.
  • Period of appointment: 3 to 6 months
  • Emoluments: HK$4000 per month (honorarium), accommodation will be provided

Visiting Hand Surgeon/Visiting Researcher

  • Duties:
    1. Visiting Hand Surgeon – to participate in limited clinically-related or research-related work.
    2. Visiting Researchers – are expected to carry out laboratory-based research projects.
  • Qualifications:
    1. For Visiting Surgeon – a medical degree registerable with the Hong Kong Medical Council
    2. For Visiting Researcher – experience in research is required, usually in the form of a laboratory-based M. Phil or PhD or its equivalent.
  • Period of appointment: maximum 3 months
  • Emoluments: $100 per day (living allowance), hospital accommodation or equivalent will be provided.


  • Short term visitations as observers, aimed at familiarizing with the clinical or research practices of the Division
  • Qualification: Suitably qualified researchers or clinicians
  • Period of appointment: 2-4 weeks
  • Emoluments: nil.
  • Appointee is required to pay a training fee of $100/working day of visit to the Department. The applicant may apply for a waiver of the training fee with suitable reasons, however, whether this is granted is of the Division Chief of his designate.

For the full clinical fellowship, applicants are requested to submit their application consisting of:

  1. A full CV
  2. A covering letter stating the requested timing for the fellowship (See below)
  3. Reference letters from their referees.

The period of fellowship can be flexible. A telephone interview may be held after the application. Unsuccessful applicants will be informed in writing and their names will be removed from the waiting list. Further application by the same applicant for another occasion will be treated as NEW applications.

For other categories, applicants are requested to submit their application consisting of:

  • A full CV
  • A covering letter stating the requested timing for the fellowship (can start any time of the year, availability of accommodation and the number of visiting fellows at the time)
  • Reference letters are preferred.

Applications and enquires can be made in writing or be e-mail to:


Departmentt of Orthopaedics &Traumatology, Queen Mary Hospital
103 Pokfulam Road,
Hong Kong

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