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Arthroscopic surgery started in the department in the early 1960s, and became an increasingly more popular method of assessment and treatment of knee disorders after the International Arthroscopic Association held its First Arthroscopic Instructional Course and Workshop (organised by our department) in 1985.

Since then arthroscopic surgery has expanded considerably, and joints such as the knee, ankle, hip, shoulder, elbow and wrist are all within our scope. Surgeries previously performed open can now be performed arthroscopically, such as Bankart repair, subacromial decompression and cruciate ligament reconstruction.
Currently, the division has three operating sessions a week, and each year performs approximately 150 knee arthroscopies, 50 cruciate ligament reconstructions, 25 shoulder arthroscopies (including arthroscopic Bankart, cuff and SLAP lesion repairs), and 10 ankle arthroscopies (including arthroscopic assisted ankle fusions). A special sports clinic is held every Friday morning for long term follow-up of operated cases and to see cases of special interest.

Over the years the division has been heavily involved in the organisation and training of local residents in arthroscopic surgery. It also helped develop the Master of Science/Postgraduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise Medicine at The University of Hong Kong. With the opening of the new Faculty of Medicine Building in 2002, we have been developing an arthroscopic surgery lab that enables trainees to practice their skills using both simulators and cadaveric joints.

New developments

The division has concentrated expertise and also patient load to allow the development of new techniques and special skills. We will continue to expand our repertoire to visualise and treat shoulder, ankle, hip and elbow disorders. The division is also aiming to develop techniques required for autologous chondrocyte transplantation in the near future.


The division is consolidating clinical and basic research to achieve the status of a well-known regional centre in the field of sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery. To this end, the division has taken on postgraduate students and research fellows and applied for research funding for projects. In collaboration with Prof. W.C.G. Peh from Diagnostic Radiology and Dr. T.W.H. Shek from Pathology, we were successful in obtaining university funding (CRCG) in 1999 for the study of normal and abnormal articular cartilage by MRI. Two M.Phil students have graduated in this field Jason C.S. Ma (1995) studied the mobility of Human Knee Meniscus while Ms. Y.H. Wong’s (2000) thesis was on the kinematic analysis of rotation patterns of ACL deficient, ACL reconstructed and normal knee during single leg hop and pivot shift test.

Current projects

  • Bankart repair using transverse capsulotomy and
    shoulder range of motion.
  • Correlation of interscalene block and intra-operative
    blood pressure with arthroscopic viewing acuity.
  • Results of bone patellar tendon bone allograft in ACL
  • Clinical and arthroscopic correlation for locked knees.
    After arthroscopic resection

Arthroscopic appearance of Bankart lesion in shoulder joint

ACL reconstruction

Arthroscopic appearance of patellar nodule causing patella clunk

After arthroscopic resection

Resection of prepatellar bursa