Video: TEDxHKU 2018

TEDxHKU 2018: Motion – The motion of life

Presented by Prof. Kenneth Cheung & Mr. Chi-Wai Lai

What happens after spinal cord injuries? Why can the injured not walk? What are the challenges spinal cord injuries bring to the world, and how can assistive technologies bring mobility back to non-mobile patients? As a world-leading Spine Surgeon, Prof. Kenneth Cheung has spent years honing his craft addressing cases of spine disorders, endeavouring to bring this often overlooked area of healthcare into the light. From the perspective of a paraplegic patient of note, Chi-wai serves as a beacon for patients of spinal trauma and now aspires to someday be able to walk again by himself. Together, by sharing the motion of life that has brought them together, Prof. Kenneth Cheung and Chi-wai will show that where there is a dream, there is a way.