Orthopaedic research center organization



Senior Research Staff

LU Weijia William, Professor, Ng Chun-Man Professor in Orthopaedic Bioengineering,

Division Chief of Orthopaedic Research Centre, Chairman of Research & High Degree Committee

YEUNG Wai-Kwok Kelvin, Professor

HU Yong, Assistant Professor, Director of Neural Eng. & Clin Electrophysiology Laboratory

SAMARTZIS, Dino, Assistant Professor

LEUNG Yu-Leong Victor, Research Assistant Professor

WONG Hoi-Man Karen, Post-Doctoral Fellow

QIAN Wenshu Fiona, Post-Doctoral Fellow

TAM Wai Kit, Post-Doctoral Fellow


Research Staff

LV Fengjuan, Research Associate

CHAN, Li Lai Ching Helen, Senior Technician for Histology, Animal surgery, X-Ray and Cell Culture

LIU, Chi Hong Tony, Senior Technical Officer for Micro-CT

CHAN, Chi Kwong Stephen, Technician for Biomechanics

CHAN, Hung Martin, Technician for Spinal Cord Monitoring

KO, Hay Ngar Harriet, Technician for Gait and Motion Analysis

YIP, Yin Chun Henry, Machinist for Biomaterials


Postgraduate Research Students (PhD)

CHEN Yan, Association of elevated mean arterial pressure and uncoupled remodeling of subchondral bone in

osteoarthritis: role of TGF beta signaling-mediated mesenchymal stem cells

HUANG Yongcan, Lumbar Intervertebral disc transplantation in goats, The role of mesenchymal stem cells in rescuing the intervertebral disc allograft degeneration post transplantation

KULPER Sloan, A Novel Anti-leakage System for the Treatment and Prevention of Osteoporotic Fractures

KWAN Hoi Lam Karen, The Role of Silver Nanoparticles in Tendon Healing

LEE Tsz Yan Juliana

LI Xiang Will, The compensatory mechanism in the chronic compressive spinal cord injury and the potential use of diffusion tensor imagining in the diagnosis and prognosis of cervical myelopathy

LIU Wenlong

LUI Yuk Fai Ben

LUO Qiang

MOK Pik Sze Florence

QIU Yiyan

WANG Wenhao Roy

WU Jun Jason, Biodegradable polymeric drug delivery devices for long-term antimicrobial therapy

YUEN Wai YEE Grace, Defective TGF Beta Signaling in Bisphosphonates Associated Atypical Femoral Diaphyseal Fracture

ZHAI Xinyun, A Novel Anti-leakage System for the Treatment and Prevention of Osteoporotic Fractures

ZHAO Weiwei

ZHOU Lixiong Leon


Postgraduate Research Students (MPhil)

CUI Jiaolong

LAU Oi Ching Lauren

LI Teng, Role of Adipokines in Osteoarthritis

PENG Weiwei, Identification of electrocardiographic biomarker of pain perception

SHEN Wei Lesile, Nowhere like home: characterization of decellularized cartilage section as a model for studying cell-matrix interactions

TANG Wing Chung Wilson

TSE Jessica, The investigation of clinical application of surface electromyography topography

WANG Yazhou, Disclosing the location of the neurological deficits in cervical spinal cord based on time-frequency features of somatosensory evoked potential signal

WONG Sau Shun Alicia, Investigation on Mg-Mn-Zn alloys as Potential Biodegradable Materials for Orthopaedics Applications